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Draco Loves Harry in 100 Words

Draco loves Harry in 100 words
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The Drarry100
Borrowed from the likes of snarry100 & snape100



Membership is open to everyone, and you don’t have to post every week

Each challenge is posted every Sunday by one of the Mods, and runs to Midday BST the following Sunday.
You don’t have to post every week.
NO off topic posts, unless authorised by the Mods.
Plot bunnies are allowed, in other words Drabbles about Draco/Harry based on previous challenges are allowed.
No fake cuts allowed

Every post should have the following header
Title: I think it's obvious what goes here
Author: That would be your lj name
Team: Optional, currently doesn't get you anything – Teams are Aurors vs Death Eaters
Word count: should be 100
Characters/pairings: Well if it isn’t Harry/Draco it shouldn’t be in here.
Challenge: Also obvious. Each challenge will be numbered and worded to identify it, either is fine.
Authors Notes: warnings, subject matter, etc.

Text and Paste Box

All Drabbles should be 100 words or divided into discrete 100 word sections, otherwise there is no challenge, and it should be clear to the reader how each drabble relates to the prompt.
Please tag your entries with the prompt you're writing for, and your author's name.
If it has any kind of adult content the appropriate warnings need to be posted and it should also be under an lj-cut.

If your post does not meet these requirements, your mods maintain the right to delete your entry.

Suggestion Box
If you have any ideas for a challenge you are more than welcome to suggest them here.

Past Challenges and Winners
There are two teams, Aurors & Death Eaters. The Winning team will be posted in here. BTW mod entires don't count. You pick your own team, for every drabble of 100 words you get 1 point for your team. The complete list of past challenges, and the winners, can be found here

Any questions can be directed at one of the Mods, sesheta_66 or alisanne by commenting on a Mod Post.