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19 March 2009 @ 10:54 am
Go Team Death Eaters! Prompt #105, sunshine  
Title: Slither In #14 and 15, the end!
Author: twistedm
Team: death eaters
Word count: 100x2
Characters/pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Challenge: #105, sunshine
Summary The end!
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, they belong to the clever Scottish lady. I just bend them and love them. Please don't smack me for playing. It isn't like I am going to earn any money from this!

These are number 14 and 15, the end of another series. I last posted in November! Ack! You can catch up at Livejournal or Skyehawke.

Sunshine woke Harry slowly; Draco draped around him like a large cat. His erection poked Harry’s arse, leaving Harry wistful about how sore he wasn’t.

Sex he had required and sex he had received. The most one-sided sex with the most selfish lover imaginable. Draco had come only in Harry’s mouth and on his face. Harry’s arse had been on offer all night. Draco had refused it with a sneer and revulsion.

Harry suddenly remembered Draco's insistence, hours ago, that Harry wake him with coffee and a blowjob. Maybe he could sneak away under the cover story of seeking breakfast.


I pushed too far. I suspected when I woke in sunshine bliss only to see his eyes gone glassy and nervous. When he mumbled want that coffee? I suspected I’d not see him again, and I was right. He was nowhere today. Not even meals. Did he starve just to avoid me, or did his friends feed him?

Merlin, what’ve I done? What’ve I lost? How do I regain it?


Smiling cannily, Harry suspended his snooping spell. Now that he had the upper hand he’d play it much smarter than Draco had. Stretching luxuriously, Harry began to plan.


Sequel begins here: http://dracoharry100.livejournal.com/1207586.html
The love birds are together at: sewing table / desk
If I Draco was listening he'd hear: my daughters playing "pretend birthday party"
Anonymuncule.twistedm on March 20th, 2009 06:21 pm (UTC)
feel free to write it yourself! i felt like that part had already been done by plenty of other writers, though, so i stopped here.

speaking of your writing, must go read consort part 8 right now!