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19 March 2019 @ 05:58 pm
Gains 345  
Title: Gains 345
Author: enchanted_jae
Team: Aurors
Character(s): Harry, Draco, omc
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Regrets
Word count: 100
Written for: dracoharry100 Prompt No. 565- spring
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al. This drabble was written for fun, not for profit.
Summary: Harry knows he shouldn't have initiated an argument.

Malfoy's shoulders slumped, and he raked a hand through his hair.

Harry bit his lip. He had no business engaging in a heated argument with Malfoy in his condition. "Look, I didn't mean to spring that on you. It's just-"

"I'm going home," Malfoy interrupted. "We're getting nowhere, and I'm tired of arguing."

Harry cleared his throat before he ventured to ask, "Are you feeling okay?"

"Fuck you," Malfoy responded. Even his insult sounded tired. He drew his wand and Disapparated before Harry could say another word.

He was left hoping Malfoy had made it safely home without Splinching himself.