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29 November 2015 @ 11:06 am
Christmas Challenge 2015  
Hello all! Once again, it's time for our Christmas Challenge.

As in prior years, we will suspend future weekly challenges (the current one concludes today) until the New Year. Instead, for the eighth year in a row, we're going to run a drabble/ficlet/art fest.

The table below contains thirty-one prompts. Your challenge is to write one drabble or ficlet or draw one picture for each prompt, and post one a day, starting December 1.

If posting daily sounds a little too daunting, you can take part in the second challenge, which is to write one fic or draw one pic incorporating all 31 prompts.

Or do both! Or some other combination that includes all 31. And for those of you who like to take on multiple challenges, feel free to combine our prompts with the ones at other prompt communities.

There's no pressure to play, though. If you want to continue to post once in a while, or only have time to do so, then take your pick of the prompts below to work with (more than one is fine too); we want everyone to have fun!

The word limit, as in previous years, is suspended (no minimum or maximum word count), so you don't have to keep to 100 words unless you really want to. The prompts need not be used in any particular order, and there's no need to state a team affiliation. Or, of course, you may draw art instead.

Any posts you make need to be tagged with christmas challenge 15.

Now, thanks in large part to the assistance of some helpful flisters, here are the prompts:

[Click to reveal table]
1 Mittens 2 First snowflake / snow   
3 Church bells 4 Peppermint
5 School Scarves 6 Gingerbread
7 Unicorns 8 Red nose
9 Christmas overload (everywhere)    10 Sleigh bells
11 Christmas lights 12 Hot chocolate
13 Baking cookies 14 Holiday party
15 Wrapping Paper 16 Secret Santa
17 Leather gloves 18 Christmas carols
19 Winter wonderland 20 Christmas star
21 Lonely nights 22 Reindeer
23 Last-minute shopping 24 Santa hats
25 Unexpected Christmas present 26 Mince pies
27 Christmas kitten/puppy/pet 28 Snow boots
29 Warmed spiced brandy 30 Egg nog
31 New Year's resolutions

Happy writing!
Silent Thinkerinspired_being on November 30th, 2015 04:29 am (UTC)

xD Awesome!